Which replica watches are more worthy of owning than the overwhelming Rolex

So why is this watch so attractive? The use of emerald green on the ceramic ring and dial gives people a sense of novelty and creativity. Now that most people see this watch have visual fatigue. Originally green is a color that is not very popular in any country in the world. This watch even set off a trend that other watch brands have followed suit and even released many green limited edition replica watches.

The so-called flower does not have a hundred days red. Although the popularity of green submariners is still unabated, there has been a significant sinking consumption. That is, the number of people in first- and second-tier cities who consider this product has dropped sharply, and Japan has become a third- and fourth-tier city. Some fashionable young people have good hearts. In fact, the cost of this watch around 200 euros can still be considered, but the current price of 300 pounds is not worth the price. So which replica watches are more worth buying than Green Water Ghost?

Both are the Submariner series. Both the black submariner and the blue submariner in the gold style are more textured than the green water ghost of the steel model. From the material point of view, the gold part between the strap is real gold, and the blue dial No worse than the green dial.

And the first green glass of Rolex that was fried before, the heat has long since faded. Even to the point where no one cares about it, but now looking back, it is a classic style that is no less than the green water ghost.

Omega¡¯s Seamaster 150 series, the latest batch of Seamaster Aqua Terra has made great progress in design. The four-color dials of dark blue, soot, pure black and pure white, with the same color or contrasting color pointer and hour markers, look very attractive . The strap also has metal chain straps, crocodile leather and rubber straps to choose from, to meet the aesthetic and wearing needs of different customers, especially the appearance and feel of the blue rubber strap are super good. The key is that it belongs to the same level of watch brand as replica Rolex watches, and the price is much cheaper.